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Welcome to our Church Softball League Website!

It is our hope that this website will prove to be useful and convenient to whoever this information pertains to. Please feel free to explore all the links on this website and come back often to see what's new. Also, a big thank-you to Harvest Fellowship for giving us the web space and bandwidth from their website to host this site for the whole league! Last but not least, Thank-you Brian Weaver for keeping this information up-to-date and current for all of us! PLEASE NOTE: Brian cannot keep the scores and standings up-to-date without the coaches sending the scores from the previous night to Brian's e-mail. Please try to keep that in mind for all the players who check this site often. Thanks! Also, if interested in contributing any photos to the softball photo gallery, you may contact the Harvest Fellowship webmaster at "themonyers@gmail.com".

NEW PAGE of the Playoff Bracket to view the playoff schedule and scores

Ephrata Church League Playoff Bracket

See maps and get directions to each of our playing fields

Blue Lake Field Google Map

Good's Field Google Map

Manetas Field Google Map

Nazarene Field Google Map


This website is provided as a convenience to the coaches and softball players and due to unforeseen circumstances, the data on here could be incorrect. Please see your coach concerning any discrepencies or conflicts with dates, times, locations, scores or stats. We will make every effort to keep this valuable data up to date and current for your convenience. Thank-you for your cooperation!

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