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Harvest Blessings Centre in Ngoliba, Kenya

Bringing Hope to a Small Village

By Rick Monyer

Published: Feb 28, 2007


The small village of Ngoliba (n-go-LEE-ba) in Kenya will not be the same since the construction and opening of a new orphanage this past February. Since inception of this vision by Pastor Eugene over three years ago, this project has required more than just financial resources. It required strong, determined faith that can only come from hearing the voice of God. Pastor Eugene has spearheaded this vision from the start and is now seeing the fulfillment come to pass. On February 4, 2007, the ribbon was cut and a memorial plaque in the wall was revealed to honor Pastor Eugene during the dedication ceremony at the orphanage. It was a divine moment, appointed by God, as the ribbon was cut and the building was officially opened for Kenyan orphans.


This new orphanage, Harvest Blessings Centre, is the only one of it’s kind in Ngoliba, just 40 miles (64km) northeast of Nairobi, between Thika and Kangonde. It is situated on 6 acres of land, beside the main road in the rural farming region away from all the modern amenities most of us take for granted. The 9,600 square-foot, two-story, block building sits proudly along the road surrounded by a block wall. The colors used to adorn the building, from the deep blue roof to the cream colored accents, are simply beautiful and echo the hope of prosperity needed by this community.


This orphanage currently has the potential to change the lives of up to 58 children, who are cared for by house parents. A walk through the building will reveal that a lot of thought went into the layout to provide a safe, controlled environment for both the children and house parents alike. The ground level contains a “great room” to be used primarily for eating and church services held on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. There are also offices, bathrooms, and a kitchen on the first floor.


On the second floor are two meager living spaces, consisting of a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, for the house parents. One set of house parents controls and maintains the girls’ pink side and the other set, the boys’ blue side. Both the boys’ and girls’ side bedrooms and bathrooms are independent and it is virtually impossible for one to crossover without restrictions.


The staff at the orphanage are Pastor Rueben and his wife Charity, Grace, and Onesmus. Pastor Rueben and his wife Charity will offer church services to the local people and pastor the church there. Rueben is also the house parent on the boy’s side; he lives there with his wife and daughter Vicky. Charity is the housekeeper for the whole building. Grace is the house parent on the girls’ side and lives there with her daughter and son. Onesmus is the security guard and lives in an existing house that was already built on the land purchased for the orphanage.


Much of the land will be used for agriculture to help sustain the orphanage. There are already corn and fruit trees growing on the premises to help provide food for the children and employees. Any excess harvest can be sold to the local people in the village. Plans are in store to purchase one or two milking cows and also a chicken house to house 50 to 100 chickens.


Harvest Blessings Centre will be much more than just a safe place for orphans to grow up. Because the leaders and house parents are spirit-filled and led by the Holy Spirit, they will be depositing into these precious children the Word of God. The children will only be accepted into the orphanage at the age of three or four years old and may stay as long as they are attending school (including college). There will be many years to impart godly values into these young Kenyans, see them born again, and filled with the Holy Ghost. Pastor Eugene also has a vision to see a Discipleship Training Centre built on the property that will be the next phase of this exciting project.


All of this is forging the way for transformation and revival to break out in Kenya and even over all of East Africa. To see all of this come to pass takes faith and hearing the voice of God. No one can make this happen except God. Please keep this project in your prayers and feel free to get involved in this exciting work that God is doing in Kenya. If interested in sponsoring a child, becoming a partner or helping in other ways, you can fill out the form below. Also feel free to take the time to look through the photo gallery showing the work being done. A dedicated website for HBC Kenya is in the works and a notice of its opening will be announced on this website.


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